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My name is Blake Donaldson and I have lived in Westchester for 25 years.
This is my home, and this is a community that is dear to my heart.
So... why do I have all these 'legitimate' recommendations from my clients?
Because I'm honest, I care and I always try to do the right thing. From billing actual hours worked, to going the extra mile to do good quality workmanship.
I show up on time and get right to work. I clean up after myself and I think I smell pretty good too!

Colleen Sheehan  Westchester Westport Heights  • Apr 9 2024
Blake is great. He is so helpful and willing to do whatever needs to be done I have had him do several projects for me I trust him being in my home . He is definitely the go-to guy for handyman services!
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Virginia Stewart Kentwood South  Apr 8

He’s nice, polite, honest, and very capable of doing lots of home repairs, always on time and very reasonable. I wouldn’t call anyone else.

Mary Dahle  •Westchester-Nielsen• Apr 7

I have worked with Blake also and highly recommend him.

Virginia Rabatin Westchester-West • Apr 6 •

I had a great experience. I had a sagging gate which was very difficult to close. Blake fixed the problem and I am very happy with the results. He super friendly and professional. I highly recommend his services.

Ed Gariel East Del Rey • 2 Apr •

We had handrails installed at both front and back doors. Another example of his good work. My physical therapist was very impressed, took pictures and intends to recommend similar work to other clients. Very good work. Professional repair and installer.

Charles Ragins  Kentwood North  • 11 Aug •

Blake was prompt to respond to our need to have our driveway gate lock to re-engage. He came right over, fixed the problem and was a pleasure as always. We’ll never call anyone else when it comes to our home repair service needs!

Shelby Popham Westchester Westport Heights  29 Jun

Blake has completed numerous repairs for me--fixing fences, replacing security lights, repairing roof leaks, and more. Most recently, he put up wire mesh with smaller holes on my aviary to prevent mice from getting in. He even came back later in the day to put in more work on an area where he was worried that the edges of the wire were sharp and might scratch me. Absolutely professional, fair prices, works quickly, great communication skills. I highly recommend him!

Patty Gust ~ Kentwood North • 11 Oct • 2024
Blake is amazing. He is my go-to for anything around the house. He just finished fixing my electric garage door opener. I HIGHLY recommend him for any fix you have around your house. Nothing is too small or too large. He is a craftsman for all your needs. He is affordable and a fantastic person. The best part of the Blake equation - he is a resident of Westchester! Call him.

Elsa Gonzalez ~ Playa Del Rey Southeast 20 Oct  • 2024
I agree. Blake (thankfully) was referred to me last year by a friend. He has done several projects for me this past year, and they have all been handled professionally and completly

Sara Hickmann ~ Point Loma Heights Central • 18 Sep •

Westchester Handyman Services. Blake was an angel disguised as a handyman! He really helped me out in a tough situation and fixed everything to look amazing! He was enthusiastic, professional, reasonably priced and highly effective. I would recommend his services hands down. 

Bonnie Rochelle ~ Sunkist Park • 25 Jul •

Westchester Handyman Services. I would highly recommend Blake. He responded promptly and came over within 20 minutes. He did a great job and is very professional. I will definitely be using his services again in the near future. 

Robert Baxt Sunkist Park • 29 Apr

Blake Donaldson has done excellent work for me on many projects in my home including faucet installations. Highly recommended.

Karen Coony ~ Kentwood South • 28 Mar •

Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is outstanding. Honest, reliable and really cares. He took care of all the jobs I had and even did some extra items he noticed. He’s a pleasure to work with. I recommend him hands down. If you need a handyman, Blake is who you should call!!

Nancy Bornn ~ Kentwood South • 26 Mar •

Westchester Handyman Services. Blake performed a miracle on my damaged front doorstep that even my contractor didn’t want to touch. He’s an artist, perfectionist, and reasonably priced. I highly recommend him. 

Shaquille Gurley ~ Downtown Gardena • 9 Mar •
Westchester Handyman Services. Would highly recommend Blake! He was extremely professional and amazing at his work. I requested his services to replace a faucet and Blake discovered an issue with the piping which he was also able to repair for me. Blake’s willingness to share knowledge, professionalism, and overall demeanor are unmatched. If you need handyman services, Blake is the go to guy! 

Nancy Watson ~  • 28 Feb •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is honest, reliable and reasonably priced. I highly recommend him!

Timothy Smith Playa Del Rey Northeast • 6 Feb •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is an amazing handyman and fixed some issues at our house with ease. Easy to communicate with, fairly priced, and on time. He’s your guy for any and all repair needs!

Daryn Kuhlman Westchester-Nielsen • 15 Jan •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake came to install a new faucet in our kitchen this week. He was so easy to get in contact with, incredibly kind and patient through some unexpected challenges in the fix. He ensured that his work was A+, above and beyond care and attention to detail compared to my experiences with other handyman business. He went out of his way to return to address a problem that we were made aware of that had been unnoticed issue until we had him come to install our faucet. We will be using Blake again for any of our household repair needs. Extremely reasonably priced as well. Thank you Blake and Westchester Handyman Serviced!

Elsa Gonzalez Playa Del Rey Southeast • 2 Jan •
Westchester Handyman Services. A friend recommended Blake to me and he was everything they said and more. He completed a list of items I needed done: Replaced shower door towel bars, made them easier to open and close, caulked bathroom sink, reattached bathroom door knob and checked kitchen sink leak. He is a permanent contact in my book for future work I need done. Highly recommend him for his work and demeanor.

Charles Ragins Kentwood North • 16 Dec •
Westchester Handyman Services. I texted Blake to do help fix a latch in our driveway gate before we left for the holidays. He showed up 30 minutes later, got the job done quickly and looked at another repair that needs his expertise which he will return to complete when we get back. Very friendly and professional. Call Blake 

Bridget Mccarthy Collegiate Streets • 14 Dec •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is honest, reliable and capable. A good job at a fair price. I will definitely use Blake again.

Lynne P.Westchester Osage • 8 Oct 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is an honest and reliable handyman.. He has helped my over the last few months on several projects, sanding and restaining my deck- (when others told me to rebuild it with lumber at an all time high), he has fixed a screen door and also helped my with reigning in a wild bougainvillea in my yard. Aways professional and can't lose with Blake , our Westchester fixologist.

Tom Baker Westchester Westport Heights • 24 Jul 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake has done a few projects for us and has always over delivered. Nice, on time, and makes sure everything is done correctly. He’s even fixed other little things for me while he was awaiting. Strong recommendation for any project Blake can do. 
Ed Schoch Kentwood South • 3 Jul 21
We recently got a handrail from the sidewalk to our front porch. Here's the handrail be bought: We had it installed by Blake Donaldson (323-332-1247), our usual handyman. We found that buying this standard handrail was significantly cheaper than getting a custom made one. Vevor also has other styles of handrails.

 Ronni Brand Westchester Westport Heights • 16 Jun 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake has helped me with a variety of projects and I highly recommend him. He's on time, honest and does great work.

Jean Ferguson Ladera Heights • 16 Jun 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Reliable and honest are two words that describe Blake. He came by looked at everything and knew what to do and he got it done!

Shelby Popham Westchester Westport Heights • 15 Jun 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake did a wonderful job on all our projects: repainting portions of the wall my dog scratched up, replacing parts of the fence my dog punched holes in, and screen replacement. He also fixed the shower head. He was prompt to arrive, meticulous to detail, quick to clean up, and he even took out our trash cans to the curb without being asked. Will use again!

 Richard MacBriar Culver Parks West • 12 Jun 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. First-rate, full-service work. Rebuilt our backyard gate pretty much from scratch. Highly recommended.

Ingvay Gustafson Hermosa Beach Sand • 8 Jun 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is trustworthy, capable and reliable. I highly recommend his service to any and all!

Sandra Martin Westchester Westport Heights • 8 Jun 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is genuine and trustworthy. I've called him for a few jobs, and his work is excellent - done completely and fairly priced. He's always willing to take a look at a project and give his honest feedback if it is not within the scope of his abilities. He is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and I appreciate his work ethic. Not something you find every day.

Robert Baxt Sunkist Park • 31 May 21
My highest recommendations go to very excellent Handyman Blake Donaldson in nearby Westchester. He has done many, many, things around my home and never failed to do a great job. He did excellent work on the gate to my backyard along with lots of other work. He can be reached at 323-332-1247more…

Brandon Felder Westchester-Nielsen • 27 May 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. He is professional, polite and courteous and his rates are very competitive

 Mohamed Galal Westchester-West • 13 May 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is the best! Very friendly professional and his work is A1! I would highly recommend!!

 Lynn Gonzales Westchester Westport Heights • 10 May 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is great! Always on time and has a great can-do attitude. I would recommend him for any home repairs!

Cynthia Hamilton Westchester Westport Heights • 5 May 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake helped us with "noise abatement" on our AC and pool pump. Great work, very nice guy, prompt communication, and most importantly, SUPER HONEST! After the work was completed and we paid him, he discovered an arithmetic error on the bill in his favor - and he actually drove to our house to refund us the extra from the overpayment! Blake is a good guy you can trust.

 David Green Kentwood South • 28 Apr 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Very helpful and friendly. Would recommend highly!

 Janet W. Kentwood North • 20 Apr 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. If anyone is looking for a great handyman, I highly recommend Blake Donaldson. We have used him a few times already and are using him again now for several jobs. He is always professional, prompt, hard working, reliable and does excellent work! I can't say enough good things about him!!

 Sasha Marie Speer Playa Del Rey Northeast • 14 Apr 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is fantastic! He is reliable, efficient and goes out of his way to ensure you get the best service possible! I’m originally from a small town in the Pacific Northwest where we had a handyman for life. Blake is that kind of Handyman.

 Stevie Fleishman Playa Del Rey Northeast • 10 Apr 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. This guy is great! He's skilled, honest, and nice. I can't say enough!

 Dorothy Stone Kentwood North • 13 Mar 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake was prompt, courteous, and very competent. We were concerned that a laundry cabinet was pulling away from the wall and would need to be replaced. He found that it was stable, so no need for replacement. We then had him do a number of small repairs around the house. Very pleased with his work and professionalism. Also the corny jokes.

 Gary Kandel Old Torrance-Old Town • 26 Feb 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake came ready to work. He replaced 4 window blinds , light fixtures and patched walls. He installed a steal security door as well. He did a great job and was done fast.Very professional Thanks Blake

 Lisa Medwid Westchester Westport Heights • 20 Feb 21
Blake Donaldson is a great handyman. (323) 332-1247

 Mary Dahle Westchester-Nielsen • 3 Feb 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake was AWESOME. I needed some vents replaced and a really challenging backdoor threshold replaced. He did such a nice professional job! Great person to work with. Will be calling him in the near future for more items that are being added to my list. Highly, highly recommend.

 Amber Mike Old Ladera Heights • 29 Jan 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. The window on my back door was broken because the door sticks. I called a glass repair company and they told me they couldn’t fix it because of the grill attached to the door. I resolved to just buy a new door. I called Blake, told him about the window and wanting to replace a faucet. Blake arrived on time, figured out how to fix the window, gave me an even better option than replacing the whole door, replaced the faucet and the lines (my house is old), fixed the sticking, changed a lock and fixed a door I didn’t even ask him to because he saw it wasn’t working properly. He’s amazing!

 Caroline M. Westchester Osage • 27 Jan 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is a great handyman and has helped us so much around the house! Fixed up bookshelves on the walls and put up around 20(!) big picture frames, always using his awesome laser measuring tool for a flawless turnout. Highly recommend!

 Bill and Tara Kardaras Fox Hills • 17 Jan 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Since we all hate repairs I felt a duty to say, on first introduction going over concerns I had Blake was forthcoming with ideas while taking notes which I thought, well if we chose him for the work he'd be familiar and would be upfront if a job was out of his skill set. I'm always worried when I meet someone that can do everything. In a nutshell, so far so good.

 Trudi Devine Loyola Village • 12 Jan 21 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is a smart, methodical problem solver. Honest and skilled. Highly recomended.
Paula Woodley Kentwood North • 23 Dec 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is reliable, capable and gracious. He arrived on time and repaired everything expertly and with pride. He is our new go-to guy!

 Amy Larsen Kentwood North • 15 Dec 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake was quick to respond, smart, trustworthy and reliable. He’s looking to get the job done right and will explain things so it’s clear to you and why something needs to happen. He goes to the hardware store for you and shows up with the part. I was impressed and definitely using him from here on out!

 Judy Alter Westchester Westport Heights • 23 Nov 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is highly skilled, careful, knowledgeable about cause and effect and generous with his time and attention to your needs. He can do anything, it seems, and when he is stumped, he thinks about the problem, researches it and find a solution. Excellent . I highly recommend him!!

 Ed Schoch Kentwood South • 20 Nov 20
So sorry to see that so many have had a bad experience with Blake Donaldson (323-332-1247). I've used Blake 4 or 5 times in the past year or so and have found him responsive, effective for doing handyman jobs, and reasonably priced.more…

 Paris Salido Westchester Westport Heights • 21 Oct 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Very happy to recommend the handyman Blake, the "Fixologist". He responded quickly. That was as impressive as his follow-up calls as we juggled schedules. He hung some pictures for me and offered to patch the holes I had left in the wall. He also improved my TV cord "situation". Blake was very conscientious about cleaning up and observing Covid-19 recommendations. I definitely recommend him and will call him again, as needed.

Kimberly Lewk Westchester Osage • 20 Oct 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is such a hard worker & so talented! He’s kind, personable, and takes initiative to tackle all jobs, big or small. He is detail oriented, moves quickly completing projects with efficiency & excellence. He is the BEST of the best (& honestly better than the rest!). We had him at our house for nearly a full week and he fixed everything. Blake helped us remodel a bathroom, renovate a water-damaged shed, put in wood flooring, install new hardware, patch holes, remove wall shelving and he moved around at lighting speed completing each project. He would fix things as he went that we didn’t even see needed fixing. There are too many projects to list, but he made our house sparkling again and just in time for putting on the market. I was amazed by him when we ordered new closet doors from a small company and when they were delivered they were heavy and difficult to install, we assessed the challenge & he never complained. He actually said he would complete the mission no matter what because he didn’t want to abandon us, knowing we didn’t have anyone else to assist us before we put our house on the market. He is an amazing person and handyman! He has great work ethic, talent, and a good eye for design. He’s affordable and worth every penny plus more! Wish we had him at our new location but we will be too far — don’t miss the opportunity to hire the best handyman in CA!

Virginia Lantry Kentwood South • 26 Sep 20
We have been happy with Blake Donaldson, Westchester Handyman Services 323-332-1247

 Fritzi Horstman Kentwood South • 17 Jul 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake was everything we’d hoped he would be. On time, diligent work, great price. He fixed so many hanging chads in our home that everywhere we look now, we think of him. We’ve always found it difficult to find good, reliable, kind-hearted handymen. Our search is over. Thank you Blake!

 Rob White Playa Del Rey Northeast • 11 Jul 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake repaired my raised foundation vent screens and access panels. He did great work. Blake was reliable, friendly, and just an overall pleasure to work with. I would definitely use Blake’s handyman services again.

 Eric Gazin Ladera Heights • 7 Jul 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Just had Blake over today. Showed up exactly on time, fixed 4 things for us, both inside and outside. Made great use of his time. Brought all his own equipment. Highly recommend him.

Steve Levy Westchester Westport Heights • 27 Jun 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is fantastic! I bought some materials for a project and Blake gave me an estimate for the job, but stressed that it was just an estimate of how much time the job would take. When the project started, we realized that the materials that I bought were inappropriate for the job. Blake suggested some alternatives and we agreed on one where he would return my materials (a large load) and acquire more appropriate (and better) materials. He had to drive a long distance to get what we needed and then work for the rest of the day to complete the job. It took much more time than anticipated (due to MY error). Nevertheless, Blake only charged me for his original estimate. The job turned much better that I had planned thanks to Blake's expertise and professionalism. I will definitely call upon him for my next project. I cannot recommend him more highly.

 Nancy Eisman Westchester-West • 18 Jun 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake was on time, considerate, highly professional and relentless when it came to repairing my broken shower door and toilet seat. I'll definitely be using him again in the future. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Fe Woods Kentwood South • 10 Jun 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. We recently had work done by Blake and we were 100% satisfied with his work. He was prompt, very friendly and very honest. We are happy to recommend him for any work. Fe and Joe.

 Bernadette Gerbino Westchester Westport Heights • 3 Jun 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. I had a long list of things that needed fixing from cleaning gutters, changing weird light fixture bulbs, cleaning sink drains, fixing faucets, new rubber barrier on shower door, refastening towel bar, front door lock, two sets of garden hoses leaking, etc. Blake attacked the list for four hours efficiently and competently. He ordered the parts required and returned with them in a few days. I highly recommend Blake Donaldson if you need a good handyman.

 Aaron Vaccaro Westchester Triangle • 16 May 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Just had Blake fix our sprinklers and he was amazing! He was on time, had all the parts, and was done with the whole job in under an hour — very efficient. He was a pleasure to deal with and will absolutely use him again in the future!

 Anthony Ragonese Westchester-West • 3 May 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is a keeper. My sprinkler system developed a mind of it's own and would not function. He was patient, thorough, and somehow tamed the beast getting everything to function. Blake was very responsible with my property and did what he said he would do. I would have quit the job hours earlier, but not Blake. He stayed and completed the job to my satisfaction. There are other folks to call but why? Reach out to Blake Donaldson. He'll make it right.
Byron Williams Ladera Heights • 14 Feb 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. He's the Best! I shouldn't be telling everyone how awesome his workmanship is!

Eric Chang Playa Del Rey Southeast • 14 Feb 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Works very hard. Knows when to say a job is too much

Judy Tillman Kentwood North • 14 Feb 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake made a crawl space cover and an attic fan vent protector that finally fixed long term problems. He also did a lot of other odds and ends for us.

 Robert Baxt Sunkist Park • 13 Feb 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake at Westchester Handyman Services has done work on both my home and on rental properties that I have. His service is great. Highly recommended.

Carrie Seuser Kentwood North • 13 Feb 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake does a great job and is a very good person. He sincerely cares and is top notch! You really don’t get a better handyman for the price. He has done numerous projects for us and we couldn’t be more pleased with his work and ethics.

Robert Baxt Sunkist Park • 13 Feb 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake at Westchester Handyman does excellent work at a fair price! He knows what he's doing and gives good advice. Highly recommended.

 Kathy Ikeda Kentwood South • 13 Feb 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. respectable, understands your needs, fair priced and dependable and Blake will always call you back

Renee Lynch Kentwood North • 30 Jan 20 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is thorough, knowledgeable, professional, and pleasant. Thumbs up from us!

Tom White Westchester-Nielsen • 15 Dec 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake just fixed the hinges on an interior door for us yesterday. Very good repair and very knowledgeable. We reviewed several other projects that Blake will undertake after the holidays. Nice guy too; glad he's available in Westchester.

Lorrie Davis Ladera Heights • 10 Dec 19
Blake at Westchester handyman services was very helpful.

 Carrie Seuser Kentwood North • 30 Nov 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is a very nice guy! He is sincere and really wants to fix everything! We are lucky to have him so close by

 Janet W. Kentwood North • 24 Nov 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. We hired Blake to repair our gate to the backyard. It was literally falling apart and the sides banging against each other every time we closed it. It looked like we might need a new gate. He took it apart, cut it down where needed and put it all back together. The gate looks fantastic. Honestly, better than when it was first built. Blake’s work was fastidious and his manner delightful! Would use him again in a minute.

Venus Thomas La Tijera Village • 6 Nov 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. So glad to have finally found a good Handyman. Blake came over and fixed a list of things around our house that we thought would take hours, he was able to do the repairs quickly, efficiently and extremely reasonably.

Michele Sato Emerson Manor • 5 Nov 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. We called Blake to come over and repair a damaged bathroom wall. He was extremely prompt to respond to our initial call and came over the next morning to take a look at the work to see what could be done. He was very straightforward with his estimate of the time and cost for the work to be done, and was able to get started right away. The waterproofing and drywall went up, and despite Blake saying he wasn't "a tile guy," he also replaced our damaged tile and went out of his way to find tile that looked as close to the original as possible. The wall looks better than new! He was extremely responsive and professional, his rate is very reasonable, and he is definitely someone we'd call if we ever need some work done on the house! Thank you, Blake!

 Paul Herrera Playa Vista • 9 Oct 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Working with Blake was fantastic. He was a true pro. He showed up on time and was clear on what he could and could not do. He was honest, clear, and reliable. He was creative and knocked out some odd and end jobs around the house. I’d hire him again, no problem!

Jennifer K. Old Ladera Heights • 12 Sep 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. I’ve used Blake at Westchester Handyman Services for numerous things around the house. He’s fixed stubborn doors, hung heavy mirrors, and a few things in between. Blake is honest, fair and most importantly nice to be around. I have always gotten same day service and it’s so nice to be able to quickly knock a few things off the to-do list. He’s also given me good referrals for other services such as plumbing and landscaping. I consider Blake an invaluable resource as we update this old house.

 Laura Mellini Playa Del Rey Southeast • 8 Sep 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. I found Blake here on Next Door and he is great! Reliable, friendly and honest. I was looking for a handyman to do some repairs and maintenance around my condo - one of which was to fix my silhouette blinds on my slider door that the bracket had broken and the blinds would not stay up. Blake fixed them and they work like new again! A blind repair company was going to charge me $300 to fix it, which of course is ridiculous and I would have never repaired them at that price. He also fixed some other things around my condo that I had given up on trying to fix myself. Thanks again, Blake!

 Marilyn Sano Kentwood North • 7 Sep 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Like the Samsung refrigerators of many, many others, ours stopped making ice. Instead of searching for a refrigerator repair company, (whom I have found in the past to be exorbitantly expensive and not especially trustworthy,) I e-mailed Blake Donaldson at Westchester Handyman Services. He said he'll take a look at it for no charge; once at my house, he used several "help" videos on line and figured out our problem quickly and efficiently and showed me what to do when this happens again in the future. All for a very affordable price. Blake is what he says he is: a very "handy man." No gimmicks, no lies, just honest work. If he cannot fix something, he'll say so. He is in the neighborhood, so he can be there quickly. I am so grateful! Blake, you are on my Thanksgiving list.

Ed Schoch Kentwood South • 29 Jul 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Used Blake for the first time, and I just want to add my name to those who recommend him highly. Comes at the time he says, works efficiently, and is very reasonable.

Ronni Brand Westchester Westport Heights • 9 Jul 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake came by yesterday to repair a bathroom drawer, and once again, I am so happy to have discovered Westchester Handyman Services via This is the second time I have needed some fix-it services from Blake, and will continue to call him whenever something goes awry again. Blake does great work, is prompt and reliable, and most of all, friendly and professional.

 Bonnie Dinka Westchester Westport Heights • 30 Jun 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is the best. He is the first number I will call whenever I need anything handy. Not only are his work and professionalism on point, but his prices are fair and he is just a pleasant person to have around. He is extremely patient and aims to please. Look no further.

Marshall NaimanKentwood South • 24 Jun 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake was fantastic, efficient and honest as they come! I was exceptionally impressed. He installed my microwave without issue, and troubleshooted a few things as well. He is professional, courteous, fair, and explained every step as what he was doing. Will use again! Excellent communications in scheduling appointment, A+++++.

 Jody Onorato Loyola Village • 21 Jun 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Couldn't be happier with Blake of Westchester Handyman Services. Professional, honest and prompt!!! He's our new go-to-guy!!!!!

 Stacey D. Westchester Westport Heights • 2 Jun 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake, sent you text, and voice mail. Are you getting them? Thanks, Stacey

Carrie Casparian Kentwood South • 20 May 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. We called Blake for repairs to our windblown fence. He came within the hour and it was fixed in 30 minutes. He’s skilled, reasonably priced and very friendly!

 Erica Harrel Emerson Manor • 6 May 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake is awesome! In April he repainted a bedroom beautifully for me, hung some cabinets, and did some baseboard repair. Would highly recommend and will definitely use him again. He is honest and fair with a decent hourly rate.

Cate Curland Westchester Osage • 30 Apr 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Blake was great, responded right away to our query and came over the same day to make an assessment. He arrived to do the repairs on time and ready to go. Will definitely be using him again. Highly recommend!

Yiwei Lu Playa Del Rey Southeast • 28 Apr 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Highly Recommend Blake! His work is really nice and the price he charges is reasonable. He is a nice and honest man. To paint my wall, he had to come out three times to my house. But he didn't complain about it at all, and he didn't charge extra either.

 Alexis Price Rogers Park Inglewood
I have a “YUCK”a tree and palm tree that’s more of a bush that needs to be taken down and my whole lawn of weeds lol I can send pics

Abby Lievense Westchester Westport Heights • 20 Apr 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Outstanding!! I contacted Blake Donaldson last week and he was very responsive and knows his stuff. He arrived on time for our appointment and went above and beyond to get the job done. He even noticed that my front gate needed attention, and took care of it without my asking him to do so. The next time I am in need of a handyman, it's reassuring to know he's just a text away! I highly recommend him! Thank you BLAKE!!

Shirley Peterson Kentwood North
I’m glad you had good luck with Blake. I wish my experience with him was half that nice. I called him one morning. He said he could take care of my job in probably one or two hour

 Jody Kelley Kentwood North • 4 Apr 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Highly recommend Westchester Handyman Services for your handyman needs. Blake came over just to price a job, realized he could do it quickly, and took care of it, all with a smile and for a reasonable price. I’ve already given his card out to some neighbors. Westchester Handyman Services is a real find!

 Undine Soelter Kentwood North • 22 Mar 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Great Handyman! Fixed a problem I had struggled with for 3 years in 10 minutes! Looked at another long standing tricky issue and said "no problem!". Very fair price and super capable and responsive. Such a relief to find a great Fixologist in our area!

Cindy Thomas Kentwood North • 5 Mar 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. I hired Blake to help out with a variety of projects around the house and he was excellent. Blake is professional, on-time, friendly and honest. So thrilled that Blake was our handyman. I highly recommend Blake and will use him for our next projects.

Shirley Peterson Kentwood North 6 Mar 19
I’m glad you had a good experience with him I wish I did!!! I called Blake. one day for a simple two hour repair job he asked for cell phone pictures said he could do the job quic

Gennie Prochazka Emerson Manor • 28 Feb 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. I highly recommend Blake! I had a few roof leaks due to the recent rains, as well as a few other things that needed some fixing. After reading other recommendations about Blake, I contacted him. He came out the same afternoon and patched my roof, secured a rain gutter, etc. He was punctual, super friendly and nice and knowledgeable. I am so happy to know that I can call him now to fix things around the house!

 Julie McGauley Beryl Heights • 28 Feb 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. Y’all!!! I have FiNALLY found a good, honest, and reliable HANDYMAN🙌🏽 he just fixed a bunch of random things at my pad and hung shelves for me!!! Do you know how LONG I’ve been searching for someone like this??? Several. I mean. SEVERAL years. I’ve even offered to pay my girlfriends’ husbands who are in CONSTRUCTION 🔨 in the past, and NOTHIN. THANKS BLAKE!!!!! 🥳👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Susan Morgan Ladera Heights • 26 Feb 19 •
Westchester Handyman Services. I recommend Blake @ Westchester Handyman Services...I saw he was recommended on Next Door.. I called and he was at my house two hours later,,I had a leak at my kitchen sink that he fixed in a short amount of time..pleasure to work with him..