Easy as a nice slice of pie!

You order it, call me, and I come over and build it for you.

Indoor items, outdoor yard and patio kits, if you can get it, I can build it.

Don't try it yourself... the instruction don't even come with text anymore. It's just pictures. Yikes!

Privacy    Fencing

This list never ends...

            Until I get there. 

Leave these nagging projects behind.

All you have to do is text me a photo or two, and you can sit back and watch me tackle every item on that punch list

"Honey, it's so nice that you got that done!"

         said your plus one.

Stuck Doors & Smart Locks 

The earth moves, your doors get stuck and scrape. I fix that too! Dont hide a key under the flower pot,

install a smart lock!

Leaks, Gutters, Wet Work

It's rainy season and water will find a way, let's seal that leak and ease your worries. 

Home Services

BEFORE                AFTER

Integrity / Honesty / Reliabilty


Honey Do Lists

I can Save You a Fortune on your new gutter guards

Painting and Drywall

"I LOVE to paint, and I take the time to prep first.

         It's all in the details. 


Handyman Services 

Furniture Building

There are a lot of different ways we can keep you, your family and your house safe.

Security Cameras, Smart locks, Ring, Simply Safe, Google Nest, and all the rest....

From custom packages to a simple free consult on what your options are, we've got all your home needs covered.

Gates & Fences

The weather wreaks them, I fix them! Don't suffer with those dragging gates and sagging fences.

Home Security


Thanks For Stopping By...

Every home needs a little TLC now and then,

so please allow me to be the one you choose

to help you with your project list.

With more than three decades of experience, no job is too large or too small.

So if you need a helping hand, please reach out to your personal handman.

​I'm here to help with your next home project.

Give just me a call or text for some

honest and personal service.


Text or Call:  323-332-1247